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35c986fdf3541a6f7cd5fb5c157bcf97 What if everytime we used the word “Ad” we changed it to “Experience”? December 4, 2017 by lospina - How can we change the way we interpret advertisements? If we begin to approach creating experiences rather than ads, we might just be more effective in the way we talk to our audience. Take a look at the blog below, which was posted on Yip Yip’s corporate blog earlier this week. On Thanksgiving morning this year, I was sitting down ... Read More
Advertising on Facebook: CPMs Rise by 171% In 2017 November 20, 2017 by lospina - It’s nearly impossible to scroll through Facebook without seeing ads these days. But things may change in the next few years, as advertising methods continue to adapt and react to the influx of technology. In a study of CPMs on Facebook, Adstage has concluded that Facebook has seen a 171% raise in price in 2017. Adstage broke their findings down ... Read More
d09586a348a6240b10c91fee97f91e8c Recruiting and Hiring on Social Media Through Your Employees November 20, 2017 by lospina - Are you looking for your next great employee? There are a lot of traditional hiring practices, but sometimes it can be really tough to find that perfect person for your needs. If you haven’t attempted to recruit through social media, then you might be approaching your hiring process the wrong way.  You want great people to work for you, right? ... Read More
ee263e19671753d76b2d6a69ca6219e5 Connecting Buyers to Sellers: How personalization is changing the way we sell and buy online.  November 16, 2017 by lospina - Are your B2B sales suffering? As a sales representative, are you having trouble closing a deal or even getting any interest in your product? Here are four ways that you can correct your course towards success. You can also find the original post on our corporate blog here. As technology continues to change the face of B2B sales, it is ... Read More
fd560f101a2cc37aa3f1a1727385b05e Here Are 6 Trends to Increase Productivity in Sales, Video and Software as a Service November 7, 2017 by lospina - We’re all looking for ways to improve our process. Luckily, there just about a million ways for us to improve these days, along with a million other tools to help out along the way. Business has never been easier than it is now, so let’s take a look at how we operate and what we can use to increase our ... Read More