What the stubbornness of a 9-year-old, seed beads and some ice cream taught me about business.


Nothing energizes me more than the opportunity to be creative and use my natural intuition to solve problems. And in a world where Ai is taking over with only creatives spared for job security in about 50 years, it’s not a bad thing to love. 

But, I had a problem as a kid. 

While I was very creative and curious, I was also incredibly stubborn. That never leads to anything good when you’re 4. I also had an insane sweet tooth. So if I wasn’t getting into trouble, I was bouncing off the wall from the amount of sugar I ate.

In fact, it’s safe to say I was “THAT” kid. The one that all parents identified as the “problem child”.

It also probably didn’t help that I had flair for the dramatic. I mean, who can blame me; I come from a long line of latina drama queens.

So, understandably, my parents are total heroes in my book. 

Not only were they both immigrants that left their Latin American countries to raise a family in the states, but they had me for a first born. I was lucky enough to have a mother who was smart and recognized that there wasn’t anything “wrong” with me. I just needed to have a creative outlet.

I think one of the best gifts you could have ever give me as a kid and one that I still get excited about now is just that: a project, a creative outlet and something I can work on, build and make my own. 

My mom saw this in me as a kid and instinctively knew that in order to keep me out of trouble but also feed my creative curiosity she had to get me into arts and crafts and working on “projects”.

So craft book after craft book and class after class, I did everything from calligraphy to paper mache, scrapbooking to balloon animals (yes…that was a phase…), and consumed all the glitter and glue a child could possibly take in. I’m pretty sure at some point I was inhaling more glitter than oxygen.

I had a phase where I even wrote, illustrated and hand-bound an entire children’s book about a lost puffin. Naturally, as a kid, I thought penguins lived in the south pole and puffins lived in the north pole. So, my story theme revolved around the saga of a long and dangerous journey that my Puffin protagonist makes to find his true home after an identity crisis where he realizes he’s a puffin and not a penguin. My geography also wasn’t that great as a kid, so Hawaii may or may not have been in the Atlantic.

This arts and crafts kick kept me occupied when I was younger, but there was still another problem that my mom just couldn’t figure out and it happened with every project she put me to work on. Be that knitting, yoyo making or sewing, as soon as I mastered the skill I would get bored and lose interest in my project.

Hindsight is always 20/20, and now I realize my problem was that I was creating, but not for creativity’s sake. I wanted to learn and explore and when I’d felt I’d learned it all I would move on.

This lasted from the age of 4 until about the 3rd grade. But then I started my seed bead phase and everything changed.

My seed bead phase was the first creative project that left me with something I could actually wear, and as I learned how to make all sorts of small pieces of jewelry, I became obsessed. In fact, I made so many that I didn’t know what to do with them all.

This was when I was about 9, the age where allowance starts to be a thing, so I was just then realizing the concept of how fast money could disappear.

Okay, so moment of truth here: I honestly don’t remember how I got to this conclusion as a kid, but, I realized that I could probably sell the stuff I had made and make what I thought was a good profit from a 9-year-old’s perspective. So, I set up shop in the school cafeteria and watched as the spare change came flooding in.

The school I was enrolled at sent a note to my parents for causing a disturbance in the cafeteria, naturally. But, being the stubborn Taurus that I am, I just moved my “store front” to the local neighborhood pool once summer started.

There were many more phases after my seed bead one, but it was the one that stuck the most and for the longest.

In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever truly left that phase. 

Looking back, it was the start of a much longer and bigger project. While it was child-like creativity and curiosity that drove me to spend all my time on a jewelry business (that and the fact that money didn’t grow on trees and I had expensive habits…mainly the kind that involved ice cream…), it was seeing my work put to a very functional (and marginally profitable) use that kept me interested.

Ultimately, that project taught me that I could leverage my natural creativity, curiosity, and problem-solving for building a business.

Fast forward to today…

It’s 2017 where memes are the currency of the internet, people argue over the color of a dress in an overexposed picture, and Snapchat is worth more than $40 billion for something even a marketer like me thinks is an invasion of privacy. #yikes

Even though this generation will be one for the history books, it’s also a world that gives me the opportunity to keep creatively working on a project that started when I was a kid: my “business” project.

How my love for business brought me to Yip Yip

Out of college, I took a job at a marketing automation company in Atlanta, which gave me a priceless hands-on experience as a content marketer. As a millennial, I naturally loved working at a hip, tech startup in Buckhead, but decided that freelancing in the B2B tech space as a content creator and marketer would give me the opportunity to better develop my “business intuition”.

Freelancing quickly turned into my “business” project and I built up a team focused on serving the B2B tech industry with content marketing services. I got to work on a perfect mix of business, creative and marketing projects with a goal of helping businesses be successful at telling their story online and tracking ROI. We saw great results as a team and I couldn’t have been happier.

But the more clients I served, the more I started to see several HUGE repeating problems.

The #1 problem was that so many businesses just didn’t know how to track and prove ROI on their marketing efforts. The #2 problem was that I saw how internal company engagement on social media, an essential to content marketing, was lacking no matter HOW hard we worked to enable internal resources.

It was so frustrating to me that people just didn’t understand or “get” how important organic online engagement can be for brand development, and how essential it is to selling online. I continued on, totally befuddled by this, just hoping the next client we worked with would finally get with the program.

One day, as I was doing some routine sales development, a contact of mine reached out to me with a possible lead, so I sent an email to connect with the business owner.

And that’s where things got interesting…

How a sales pitch turned into a job offer at Yip Yip

Honestly, what started out as what I thought would be a sales call sort of turned my world upside down.

After an hour long conversation with whom would not only become my boss, but mentor and friend, and a few more conversations around the vision of the company, it was easy for me to see that it was a no-brainer for me to join the team.

(The lead was that there was a marketing position open. I just wanted to see if he’d be interested in outsourcing, but little did I know the tables would turn and it was I that would be sold to!)

I don’t have to tell you that there is a huge need in the B2B space for storytellers and people who create and just get stuff done. Yip Yip is the best tool I’ve come across for social selling that does all of this AND solves some of  the biggest problems in the content marketing industry:

Personalization and internal company engagement.  

It truly simplifies and exponentially automates social media marketing and selling on a personalized level.

For example, with just one person at the hilt, you can systematize and automate an entirely internal process that automates sharing personalized content messages. Messages that are guaranteed to make a stronger impact than just your corporate messaging alone. It’s created a way to consistently connect on a more personable level to a wider audience at a fraction of the time.

This has truly never been done before.

You can look online all you want, but there is no tool in existence that does this. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind solution that helps businesses by closing the digital loop of online engagement.

I’m so inspired by what this tool can do for organizations, that I joined the team officially in the Spring of 2017 full time.

I want to see Yip Yip succeed, but mainly I want to help get the Yip Yip solution OUT! This tool is so powerful and it needs to reach the people that need it the most so they can start creating momentum internally with their social media efforts.

If you want to know how I plan to do this, want to get involved, or want to learn more about what this solution can do for you feel free to reach me at lospina@goyipyip.com or at my cell: 404-797-2656.

p.s.  In case you were wondering, I’m still working on my business on the side. My team is great and they pretty much have everything covered which gives me time to work on this project. You can check it out HERE if you’d like to learn more about the content creation side of what I do for B2B business and how I help Yip Yip clients with content creation. Or, even if you just have a content marketing question, I’m always eager to help!