Advertising on Facebook: CPMs Rise by 171% In 2017

It’s nearly impossible to scroll through Facebook without seeing ads these days. But things may change in the next few years, as advertising methods continue to adapt and react to the influx of technology. In a study of CPMs on Facebook, Adstage has concluded that Facebook has seen a 171% raise in price in 2017. Adstage broke their findings down … Read More

Recruiting and Hiring on Social Media Through Your Employees


Are you looking for your next great employee? There are a lot of traditional hiring practices, but sometimes it can be really tough to find that perfect person for your needs. If you haven’t attempted to recruit through social media, then you might be approaching your hiring process the wrong way.  You want great people to work for you, right? … Read More

How this Popular Fast Food Chain Outdid Themselves With a Simple, Yet Innovative Idea


Yeah, you read that right. McDonald’s, the infamously so-bad-you-love-it fast-food outlet, has a fresh and innovative idea that we never saw coming. They’ve turned a recyclable drink carrier into a boom box. The Canadian branch got together with Stacklab, a design and fabrication studio, and University of Waterloo to transform their drink trays. It’s kind of crazy, and almost impossible … Read More

Jerry Seinfeld’s Key to Innovation in 6 Words


Jerry Seinfeld has had an incredible career. Not only is his career something magnificent to behold, but it’s incredibly varied. He redefined the multi-camera sitcom with Larry David’s Seinfeld as a show about nothing, he’s had a more than respectable stand-up career for decades and launched a fairly successful talk show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.  If you haven’t heard … Read More

Twitter in 280 Characters


Twitter is changing their game going forward. Last week, they announced a trial run of doubling character length for Tweets to 280 characters. This is a huge change, as Twitter has been defined by its character limits, forcing users to get to the point of what they’re trying to say. At best, it’s forced us to get better at writing … Read More